last night for dinner i ate an entire box of golden, double stuffed oreos and a fresh fruit smoothie i made with fresh strawberries, bananas, an orange, some ice, a little milk, and a few scoops of yogurt.

the smoothie was tasty but i didn’t add anything to sweeten it aside from the fruit. i think my strawberry to banana ratio was off. in any case because the smoothie did not satisfy my sweet tooth in the way i was expecting or wanting it to i ate the oreos.

i always tell myself i’ll only eat a few and end up eating all or nearly all of them. i take them out three at at time, which doesn’t do anything but increase the number of trips i take to the kitchen to get three more.

i was in bed watching INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE on vhs and i got out of bed half a dozen times for more oreos before i finally just brought the package into bed with me, making it one of the more satisfying bed partners i’ve had in a while.


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